Carrera Sudamericana

Buenos Aires - Quito

May 6th - 25th, 2006


The following is a summary of the Regulations. The Full Regulations take precedence over this summary

Regulations and Entry Form as acrobat pdf:-


DEFINITION OF THE EVENT. The Trans World Events Motor Club is organising the Carrera Sudamericana Challenge which is a regularity event where competitors try to attain a set average speed over sections of demanding roads, both tarmac and gravel. Spirited, safe driving is required it is not about outright speed. The event will be organised and run in accordance with the Regulations. Entry is by invitation.

ROUTE. The event will start from Buenos Aires, Argentina on Saturday 6th May 2006 and will finish in Quito, Ecuador on Thursday 25th May 2006. The distance will be about 10,000 kms and will include approximately 40 regularities or tests some held on roads closed to other traffic. The route will be as shown in a Road Book using 'tulip' diagrams which are simple drawings of road junctions etc. showing the distances and direction to go.

ELIGIBLE CARS. There will be two classes:

Class 1 - Classic Cars (1950 - 1977)

Class 2 - 4x4 recreational vehicles

All vehicles must be properly licensed for use on the public highway.

No special preparation is needed. Any modern 4x4 (SUV) vehicle should be ready to tackle the event as it comes out of the showroom. For other vehicles, sump and tank guards are recommended. Other preparation is optional.

ELIGIBLE COMPETITORS. Any person with a current driving licence. Non-driving passengers without a licence are permitted. The minimum number in a crew is two and the maximum four.

ENTRIES. Entries close on 30th November 2005. The maximum number of entries between The Rally, Challenge and Touring is 60. The Organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry application without giving any reason. The entry fee for 2 crew members and a car is US$22,000 which may be paid in instalments:

On application $ 1,000.00

On or before:

31st January 2005 $ 7,000.00

30th June 2005 $ 7,000.00

30th November 2005 $ balance

Entry applications received before 1st January 2005 will qualify for a discount of $1,500. Applications received between 1st January and 1st March 2005 will qualify for a discount of $500.

The entry fee includes: a twin-share hotel room with breakfast every night of the event including two night before start, personal accident and medical insurance for 2 crew members, 2 tickets for the Welcome Dinner in Buenos Aires and the Awards Dinner in Quito, 2 packs of event clothing.

For one or two additional crew members the following package is available: twin-share room with breakfast for every night of the event, tickets to the Welcome Dinner and Awards Dinner and event clothing packs. The cost is US$ 2,400 plus personal accident and medical insurance.

An entry is deemed to be the property of the first named driver while it is fully paid. At the point it ceases to be paid according to the schedule the entry is declared forfeit and it and any fees paid revert to become the property of the Organisers. At no time may the entry be passed on or transferred to another party without the written approval of the Event Director.

The initial application fee is non-refundable. In the event of competitor cancellation, refunds of the paid balance will be:

On or before:

1st June 2005 80% refund

1st August 2005 60% refund

1st November 2005 20% refund

Thereafter No refund

In the unlikely event of cancellation of the event by the organisers, entry fees paid will be refunded in full.

The Organisers reserve the right to increase the entry fee by up to a maximum of 8% to cover any unforeseen event or the need to re-route the event.

VEHICLE INSURANCE. Competitors must ensure that they have Third Party Insurance cover for their vehicle for the whole event.

AMENDMENTS. The Organisers reserve the right to cancel or postpone the event, or part thereof, to amend the regulations and the route in accordance with any condition and circumstance, which may arise.

ADVERTISING. There will be no limitations as to the amount or size of advertising or signwriting other than provision must be made for the Organisers advertising and vehicle identification.


The above also applies to the Touring Category except they will not undertake any of the regularities. We recommend the basic route is followed making whatever stops and deviations appeal. No check-in time is specified at the overnight hotel.