Carrera Sudamericana

May 6th - 26th, 2006


Date Section Overnight Country
6th May Rosario to Cordoba Argentina
7th May Cordoba to Tucumán Argentina
8th May Tucumán to Jujuy Argentina
9th May Jujuy to Potosí Bolivia
10th May Potosí to Sucre Bolivia
11th May Sucre to Cochabamba Bolivia
12th May Cochabamba to La Paz Bolivia
13th May La Paz Rest Day Bolivia
14th May La Paz to Puno Peru
15th May Puno to Cuzco Peru
16th May Cuzco Rest Day Peru
17th May Cuzco to Nazca Peru
18th May Nazca to Ica Peru
19th May Ica to Lima Peru
20th May Lima to Huaraz Peru
21st May Huaraz to Truillo Peru
22nd May Truillo to Piura Peru
23rd May Piura to Loja Ecuador
24th May Loja to Cuenca Ecuador
25th May Cuenca to Cuenca Ecuador
26th May Cuenca to Quito Ecuador