Press and Competitor Information Bulletins

On-Event Bulletins

  The Finale   Sydney, Australia
4 July Canberra, Australia to Sydney, Australia
3 July Wagga Wagga, Australia to Canberra, Australia
2 July Wagga Wagga, Australia to Wagga Wagga, Australia
1 July Broken Hill, Australia to Wagga Wagga, Australia
30 June Port Augusta, Australia to Broken Hill, Australia
29 June Coober Pedy, Australia to Port Augusta, Australia
28 June Alice Springs, Australia to Coober Pedy, Australia
27 June Tennant Creek, Australia to Alice Springs, Australia
26 June Darwin, Australia to Tennant Creek, Australia
25 June Rest Day - No Bulletin   Darwin, Australia
24 June Flying - No Bulletin to Darwin, Australia
23 June Shah Alam, Malaysia to Johor Baharu, Malaysia
22 June Sungai Petani, Malaysia to Shah Alam, Malaysia
21 June Nakhon si Tha, Thailand to Sungai Petani, Malaysia
20 June Transport day, Cha-Am, Thailand to Nakhon si Tha, Thailand
19 June Phetchabun, Thailand to Cha-Am, Thailand
18 June Chiang Mai, Thailand to Phetchabun, Thailand
17 June Rest Day - No Bulletin   Chiang Mai, Thailand
16 June Ankara, Turkey   Ankara, Turkey
15 June Samsun, Turkey to Ankara, Turkey
14 June Nevsehir, Turkey to Samsun, Turkey
13 June Alanya, Turkey to Nevsehir, Turkey
12 June Pamukkale, Turkey to Alanya, Turkey
11 June Rest Day - No Bulletin   Pamukkale, Turkey
10 June Canakkale, Turkey to Pamukkale, Turkey
9 June Kavala, Greece to Canakkale, Turkey
8 June Targu-Jiu, Romania to Kavala, Greece
7 June Budapest, Hungary to Targu-Jiu, Romania
6 June Prague, Czech Republic to Budapest, Hungary
5 June Nurnberg, Germany to Prague, Czech Republic
4 June Metz, France to Nurnberg, Germany
3 June London, England to Metz, France

Pre-Event Bulletins

April 2000News Flash - Michèle Mouton
March 2000News Flash - Stig Blomqvist
February 2000News Flash - Hannu Mikkola
Competitor Information Bulletin 10
January 2000Touring Challenge Information No 1
January 2000Competitor Information Bulletin 9
December 1999Competitor Information Bulletin 8
September 1999Competitor Information Bulletin 7
July 1999Competitor Information Bulletin 6
February 1999Competitor Information Bulletin 5
November 1998Competitor Information Bulletin 4
July 1998Competitor Information Bulletin 3
 Press Information